Best physical exercises to burn stomach fat

Whether to have a six pack or sexy abs, people have to make their belly flat. It is a challenge for many people to burn the stomach fat quickly and make their belly looks flat. By burning the unwanted calories during exercises can help effectively to weight loss. Let us discuss some of the  best cardio for weight lossquickly. Running and walking is the best and simple exercise that anyone can do to burn the calories soon. By doing this regularly, people can reduce the fat percentage. Exercising not only supports people to lose their belly fat but also sheds the extra fat from other areas such as thigh. To do this exercise, people need a good pair and comfortable shoes. Walking can also help in burning the calorie. Walking and running can be the part of their interval training routine they should not forget to cool down and warm up their body if they run for weight loss.

Elliptical trainer is one of the best tools to do best exercise for reducing the weight. Some of the people do not have strong joints at the period of teenage. Jogging and walking could not help to get such strong joints. Elliptical trainer can offer an intense, a low impact workout for cardio. A 145lb person can reduce or burn about 300 calories on the elliptical trainer in just 30 minutes. This is equal to the number of calories burnt while running but with no tear and wear of joints. This is considered to be one of the  best cardio for weight loss . Bicycle exercise is another physical exercise. Burning the belly fat and body with the help of cardio exercises is nearly half the battle. Strengthening the abdominal muscles after the fat gets shed from the belly is the next process. Bicycle exercise has ranked top place in the best exercises for burning the extra fat since it requires boy rotation, abdominal stabilization and other abdominal muscle activity.

Some bicycle exercises are there that people can do before they hop on their bike. Lie on the back with placing hands behind the head. Second one is raising the knees to the chest while lifting the shoulders and head off the ground. Third one is bringing the right elbow to the left knee and then straightens the left leg. These exercises should be practiced before they start bicycling. Reverse crunch is also one of the  best cardio for weight loss and get a six pack. This was also considered as one of the best exercises to strengthen the core muscles. Lie flat on floor with your arms at the sides. Then cross the feet and lift it off the floor to create an angle of about 90 degree. Then contract the ab muscles and raise your shoulders and head off the ground. Inhale while lowering the back down and exhale while contracting. People can do this set with 12 to 16 repetitions to burn the belly fat and make it flat.



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